The Deal

To ensure the health and wellbeing of all cats in our care:


  • Book the appropriate boarding unit for the vaccination status of your cat and bring proof of vaccination.
  • Ensure your cat is desexed (unless he/she is under 6 months of age).

  • Treat for fleas and worms 1-2 weeks prior to arrival (if not already on a regular treatment cycle).

  • Fully disclose all current and previous health issues and provide original written instructions for all medications.

  • Keep to the boarding date and time booked, and if changes are necessary update us as soon as you are able.

  • Ensure your cat is secure when transporting between vehicle and boarding unit.

  • Make payment at check-in and all extra charges incurred by check-out.


  • Prioritise your cat’s health and welfare.
  • Monitor food and water intake, waste output, health and general wellbeing of your cat.

  • Get to know your cat and provide individual attention and interaction.
  • Contact you (or your emergency contact) if we are concerned about your cat’s health.

  • Seek immediate veterinary attention if required, and administer any prescribed medications and/or treatments.

  • Be open with you about your cat's experience in our care.


  • Move your cat from the unit you booked if needed for the health/welfare of your cat or any other cat in our care.
  • Charge you for all days booked, regardless of later check-in/earlier check-out.


Refuse admission if:
  • your cat is unsuitable for boarding due to illness/injury
  • your cat is over 6 months and not desexed
  • you have booked the incorrect unit type for your cat's vaccination status
  • payment is not made.

See our full Terms & Conditions.

Legal Obligations

Privacy/Data Security


We collect your personal information (including your name, contact details, cat particulars) in order to identify your cat, record booking and payment details, contact you regarding your booking, payment, or your cat's health; and (if necessary) it may be used to discuss your cat’s health with your/our veterinary clinic.

  • Providing some information is optional. If you choose not to enter details of your usual veterinary clinic or an emergency contact, we may be unable to ensure full health records are available if an urgent decision needs to be made. Also, your wishes regarding your pet may not be met if we cannot get in touch, or you are unable to return to collect him/her.
  • We keep your information safe by storing hard copies under lock and key, storing electronic data in encrypted files and only allowing staff access to it when necessary.

  • We will not display any information in the cattery that will allow anyone to identify you as the owner of any cat that is currently boarding with us. We will not name you in any social media posts of your cat that we upload while your cat is in board. We will not disclose or confirm who our clients are to any other client or potential client.

  • Photos and/or videos we take of your cat may be used for sending you updates, our advertising, social media pages or website. This is optional and you can opt out of all photography if you wish.

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