Terms & Conditions:

VACCINATION POLICY: It is the cat Owners sole responsibility to ensure that their cat has FULL & CURRENT Vaccination against Feline Panleukopenia (FPL) Virus (sometimes called Feline Enteritis), Feline Rhinotracheitis (FRV) Virus and Feline Calicivirus (more commonly referred to as Snuffles or Cat-Flu).

Last vaccination must have been no less than 10 days prior to check in at cattery, and cats must be covered for the full duration of stay. NO cat will be accepted into semi-communal areas without proof of vaccination at time of check in.

We do have isolated units for non-vaccinated cats (subject to availability) solely at owners risk.

NEUTER/SPAY POLICY: ALL cats (over 8 months) must be desexed.

FLEAS AND WORMS: Sentry Hill Cattery requires that your cat be treated for fleas and worms prior to arrival, and to have full coverage for the duration of their stay. If it is evident that any cat carries fleas or any other parasites they will be treated for these accordingly. You (the Owner) will be responsible for associated treatment costs.

ILLNESS/ACCIDENT POLICY: While all care regarding security and safety  is taken, and individual attention is given to each animal, in the un-likely event that your cat becomes ill, injured or otherwise whilst in our care, Sentry Hill Cattery does not accept any liability or claims for illness, disease, loss, accident or death of any animal.

If your cat appears un-well during their stay, Sentry Hill Cattery reserves the right to seek prompt medical attention from our preferred Veterinary Clinic to attend to and treat your cat on your behalf, unless you have specified a preference for your own veterinarian for non emergency situations. All veterinary costs incurred are payable by owner at time of check out unless prior arrangement has been made for an account with your own vet.

An alternative contact number must be supplied for someone who has your authorisation to make decisions on your behalf regarding your cat should we not be able to contact you in an emergency.

In the interest of health and hygiene of all our guests we reserve the right to refuse entry to any cat which we believe to be carrying an infectious illness or who appear unfit for boarding (mentally or physically).

If your cat has a medical condition, or a history of health problems, this must be declared at time of booking.

MEDICATION: We are happy to administer medication prescribed by your vet as long as this is able to be carried out in a manner which is safe to both handler and cat. If your cat is aggressive, stressed or generally unmanageable then the medication will be required to be administered by a vet at your expense.

PRICING AND PAYMENT: All boarding tariffs are charged per day. The day of arrival and day of departure are both charged as a full day regardless of check in / check out time. This guarantees that your space is available for the whole day should you be delayed for any reason.

A non-refundable deposit may be required before your booking can be confirmed, depending on the dates booked e.g. Christmas, Easter, School Holidays or for first time guests. If no deposit has been paid, a cancellation fee may apply in the case of a booking being cancelled.

Full payment (less any deposit) is payable upon collection. Sentry Hill Cattery reserves the right to not release any animal until such fees are paid.

All days booked over peak holiday periods will be charged for. This includes Christmas, Easter, School Holidays and Long Weekends. If you come home early, please be aware you may still be required to pay for the  entire stay booked.

Payments are accepted on site via: Cash, Eftpos or Debit Card. Sorry we DO NOT accept Credit Cards or Paywave. 

TRANSPORTATION POLICY: All cats must be delivered and collected in a SECURE appropriate cat carrier with newspaper or towel liner, or restrained on a harness and lead. NOTE: Cats travel better and feel more secure in a covered carry cage, so if your cage has a wire top, a towel over the cage will help settle your cat for his / her journey. Please ensure there is an absorbent towel in the cage in case of any little "accidents". It is advisable not to feed your cat for the 3 hours prior to travelling.

ABANDOMENT: Sentry Hill Cattery reserves the right to make suitable and alternative arrangements for any cat left in our care 14 days after agreed collection date if no contact has been received from owner or authorised agent.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: No personal information will be passed on to any other party (except in case of emergency veterinary treatment or other emergency situations), but you agree to any photos taken of your pet while boarding at Sentry Hill Cattery  being used for promotional purposes only.

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