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We provide everything required but there are a few items to consider:

Medications – ideally bring the veterinary surgeon’s original instructions. Ensure your cat’s name, dosage details, and affected body part are clearly labelled (including left/right; front/back). Make sure you tell us which dose is due next.

Prescription/Preferred Diets – please provide and advise how much you are feeding. We have fridge and freezer space for portioned food.

Beds/Bedding/Toys – you’re welcome to bring a favourite bed/blanket or an item of your clothing that will help your cat settle here. It’s easy to leave these extras behind so try not to forget them (after 7 days we’ll assume they are a donation).

Vaccination Record - unless you book a unit in the isolation area for an unvaccinated cat.

If you are unable to produce your cat’s vaccination record, please contact your veterinary clinic and ask them to email or telephone us with confirmation of vaccination status (by your check-in day at the latest).


We recommend bringing cats in secure carry cages (or harness and lead if this is what they are used to) to transport between vehicle and boarding unit. Any loss or injury resulting from not following this advice is entirely your responsibility.

Line carry cages with newspaper so that any messes can be cleaned up more easily.

Please don’t put bedding in the bottom of the carry cage. Bring bedding separately.

It’s worth spending a little more on sturdy cages that open from the top and side.

We are happy to store carry cages for the duration of boarding.


We don’t have power points in every unit so please don’t bring plug in fountains etc.

Just remember: the bigger the extras, the less room for the cat.


Payment is due at check-in and all extra charges incurred are due by check-out.

We accept payment by EFTPOS, cash, and bank transfer; we do not have credit card or PayWave facilities.

Long term boarding (over 8 weeks) may, by agreement, be paid in instalments.

Travel Tips


Cats are smart – don’t start packing or change your routine before ensuring the cat is inside. Especially if your departure is time sensitive.

As above – don’t get the carry cage out before the doors are shut.

Even for short distances, don’t feed before travel – there’s plenty of food when they get here.


We do not recommend sedating cats for travel.

Don’t feed within 2 hours of travel.

If your cat is anxious:

  • try Rescue Remedy or other natural aid
  • drive carefully (cats can get carsick too)
  • line carry cages with several sheets of paper in case of spillages
  • arrange an Out of Hours check-in/out with us so your cat doesn’t have to be in the car longer than necessary.


Sentry Hill Cattery
318 Mountain Rd
State Highway 3A
Sentry Hill, Taranaki
027 350 6090

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