Small Animal Boarding Costs Taranaki (minimum charge 2 days)

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NOTE: Rabbits, guinea pigs and cage birds are only accepted for boarding when a cat or cats from the same family are also boarded at the Cattery at the same time. Outdoor cages only for guinea pigs and rabbits. Birds are housed indoors.

It is recommended that all rabbits are vaccinated against Rabbit Calicivirus Disease (RCD).  As we are rural, both vaccinated and non-vaccinated rabbits are boarded at owners risk.

Guinea Pigs:

  • $10.00 per day - 1 guinea pig
  • $14.00 per day - 2 guinea pigs sharing a cage
  • $16.00 per day - 3 guinea pigs sharing a cage


  • $10.00 per day small / medium size - 1 rabbit
  • $14.00 per day small / medium size - 2 rabbits sharing a cage
  • $16.00 per day small rabbits sharing a cage - 3 rabbits
  • $12.00 per day large rabbit - 1 rabbit per cage


  • All birds must be supplied in their own suitably sized cage:
  • Finches, canaries, budgies and cockatiels only accepted
  • $30.00 first 2 days, then $5.00 per day thereafter per cage

NOTE: The day of arrival and the day of departure are both charged as a full day regardless of check in / check out time. This ensures your place is secure for the full day in the event of delays or unforseen circumstances.

Long term stays welcome, please enquire about special rates for these.